Peterbilt 389 is one of the most powerful heavy-duty trucks available in the market. If you are looking forward to purchasing a heavy-duty truck, make sure that you look at this option. Then you will surely enjoy what it is capable of offering you. 


The Model 389 is a famous classic combining Peterbilt tradition with a tried-and-true design. Increased load capacity is possible because of lightweight components, including the all-aluminum cab and the industry’s first aluminum hood and a selection of light front and rear suspensions. Aerodynamic improvements for better fuel efficiency all guarantee that your Model 389 investment pays off long after you buy it. In this article, we will share 8 things that you probably didn’t know about the Peterbilt 389.


1. It was the biggest highway truck of the company at the time of introduction

At its introduction, the Peterbilt 389 was the company’s biggest highway truck and it remains one of the most recognized big rigs today. Peterbilt has manufactured over 230,000 units of the Model 389 since its introduction in 1987, with over 89% still in use today. For the whole of its 20-year manufacturing run, this famous truck was Peterbilt’s top-selling vehicle and the #1 spot in the hearts of truckers all over the world.


2. Cabin construction is quite similar to other trucks 

The 389’s cab construction is similar to that of many Peterbilt conventional trucks, and it even has the same doors as the 362 and 273 cab-over engine variants. The 389 had several features in common with its predecessor, the 359, including the lightest cab and bed on the market.

3. Peterbilt 389 comes with one of the most powerful engines 

The 389 was fitted with the most powerful engines available in Class 8 on-highway trucks throughout its existence. The three most common engines for the 389 were the CAT, Cummins and Detroit Diesels. The 389’s spacious engine compartment, on the other hand, enabled any engine and gearbox combination to fit, making it a very adaptable vehicle.


4. It is the most favored truck of Chris Eubank 

Chris Eubank, a British boxer, is a significant collector of small and large automobiles and has a modified Peterbilt 389. This 389 is even outfitted with a “1 KO” license plate.


5. This truck has been featured in movies

“Black Dog,” a lesser-known picture from 1998, also featured a Peterbilt 389 truck and a star-studded ensemble. The late, great Patrick Swayze and music legend Meat Loaf as well as country music starRandy Travis star in this film. Swayze’s character, Jack Crews, is a truck driver who was just released from jail for vehicular manslaughter, resulting in the loss of his commercial driver’s license. Jack is compelled to run one last load to pay off his debt and turn a fresh leaf. After being assigned a brand-new truck to carry, Crews opts for an older 389 model instead. After all, there’s nothing quite like a 389-er!


The infamous Optimus Prime in the film Transformers was designed from a Peterbilt 389. Of course, the Optimus Prime that we know has unique chrome customization. In reality, the Dynaflex exhaust stacks seen on the notorious Optimus Prime vehicle can be found at numerous chrome shops.


The 389 Optimus Prime Peterbilt was bought in Scottsdale, Arizona, in 2016 at a Barrett-Jackson Collector-Car Auction. Rick Hendrick, the owner of Hendrick Motorsports, paid $121,000 for the vehicle.


6. The last 389 to be built 

The final 389 ever built, a fully equipped Peterbilt 389 Legacy Class Edition, rolled out of the Denton, Texas facility in April of 2007. This last 389 truck was also the 1000th Legacy Class Edition model, and it was delivered to TWX Corporation in Two Rivers, Wisconsin, a Peterbilt-exclusive fleet firm. Kevin and Laurie Hagenow, the vehicle’s proud owners, were able to see the full manufacturing process and even drive the truck off the assembly line.


7. 389 has an excellent resale value 

Despite being one of the costliest trucks on the market, the 389 had and still has the finest resale value. In fact, since its discontinuance in 2007, the 389’s resale value has only increased with time, and it is presently higher than it has ever been.


8. These heavy-duty trucks are known for luxury 

389’s are known for their luxury ride and attractive long-nose design. The interiors of all Peter mobiles, particularly the 389, are believed to be their most appealing feature. The 389 features a lot roomier cab with substantially more legroom for our vertically fortunate drivers and their stunning aesthetics.


Final words

That concludes our list of 8 facts about Peterbilt 389. As you can see, Peterbilt 389 is one of the most outstanding heavy-duty pickup trucks available to be purchased.  Not only is this truck durable, dependable and truly, one of the greatest rigs available for the road. It also has a rich history in America, making it a respected trucker’s dream.