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Diesel Emissions Cleaning With Diesel Force Injection Cleaning

Maximize your vehicle’s performance and efficiency with Diesel Force Injection Cleaning from Wayne Truck & Trailer!!!

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Get A Diesel Force Diesel Emissions Cleaning At Wayne Truck & Trailer

We complete a total diesel emission cleaning at Wayne Truck and Trailer to keep your vehicle free of warning lights and unnecessary repairs.

With our team of professionals, we can get to the root of the problem to ensure excellent and safe care for your vehicle’s aftertreatment system.

What Makes Our Diesel Emissions Cleaning Service Different

Most shops offer a simple “bake and burn” of your engine’s diesel particulate filter to solve common smoking problems.

Here at Wayne Truck and Trailer, we start at the beginning.

We first find and deal with the root issue and then consider the symptoms.

Starting with the engine, our team moves through an intentional process to analyze and fix any lingering problems that could cause damage to your truck.

With our in-depth cleaning process, we almost always receive a call back from our customers informing us how well their truck is driving.

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Diesel Force Emissions Cleaning Offer

A Complete Engine & Emissions Cleaning Package

  • Fuel System, Including Injectors 
  • EGR and Cooler
  • Variable Geometry Turbo Components
  • DOC and DPF
  • Engine Crankcase and Engine Oil System
  • Valves Intake and Exhaust
  • Piston and Rings
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Information From Diesel Force:

Engine Cleaning

MX13 Teardown

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Advantages Of Using Our Diesel Emissions Cleaning System

  • Reduced downtime
  • Reduce filter passive regeneration
  • Extended DPF Filter service intervals
  • Extend EGR Valve life
  • Improve EGR Cooler efficiency and extend its life
  • Increase operating speed and extend VGT Turbo life
  • Improve compression by cleaning valves, pistons, and rings
  • Better cold-weather start from cleaner injectors and grid heaters

What's Included In Our Diesel Emissions Cleaning

  • Eliminator Deposit Remover
  • Diesel EGR & Induction System Cleaner
  • DPF Cleaning
  • Ultimate 11 Fuel Treatment
  • Diesel Injector Cleaner
  • Synthetic Oil System Cleaner
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The Process Of The Contamination & Cleaning Cycles

Wayne Trucking Diesel Engine & Emissions Contamination Cycle
Wayne Trucking Diesel Engine & Emissions Cleaning Cycle
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Our Diesel Emissions Cleaning Service Provide Results That You Can See

Grid Heater

Grid Heater before emissions cleaning Treatment at Wayne Truck and Trailer
Grid Heater After emissions cleaning treatment at Wayne Truck and Trailer

EGR Valve

EGR Valve before emissions cleaning treatment at Wayne Truck and Trailer
EGR Valve after emissions cleaning treatment at Wayne Truck and Trailer

EGR Cooler

EGR Cooler before emissions cleaning treatment at Wayne Truck and Trailer
EGR Cooler After emissions cleaning treatment at Wayne Truck and Trailer
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Our Diesel Force Emissions Cleaning Process

Diesel Force Emissions Cleaning In Vandalia, Dayton, Brookville, Sidney, Piqua, Wapakoneta
  • A strong dose of Ultimate 11 Fuel Treatment and Diesel Injector Cleaner is poured into your fuel tank
  • The delivery system for Eliminator Deposit Remover and Diesel EGR & Induction System Cleaner is connected to your engine
  • Eliminator Deposit Remover is delivered to the intake and exhaust side of your engine to remove deposits
  • Diesel EGR & Induction System Cleaner is delivered to the intake and exhaust side of your engine to remove soot and carbon buildup
  • A manual regen is performed to break down any remaining contaminates in your emissions system
  • Synthetic Oil System Cleaner is added to the old engine oil, and the engine is run at an idle for 20 minutes
  • An oil and filter change is performed (this is required before the truck can be driven)
  • The crankcase vent filter is replaced
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Diesel Force Eliminator Deposit Remover

remove deposits, clean dPF, & restore performance

Features and Benefits

  • Removes Oil and Coolant Residue
  • Cleans EGR & Induction System
  • Removes Oil and coolant-laden soot from the diesel exhaust system
  • Removes contaminants from previous failures
  • Reduces active regeneration cycles
  • Cleans Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF)
Wayne Truck and Trailer Emissions Diagram Eliminator Deposit Remover
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Diesel Force EGR & Induction System Cleaner

remove soot, optimize efficiency & extend engine life

This unique solvent-free, rapidly expanding high-volume foam product is formulated to dissolve carbon buildup on contact safely.

Carbon buildup is removed from the inner surfaces and passageways of the induction system and all major emissions system components.

It is designed to restore your diesel engine back to factory conditions.

This product is delivered simultaneously into the intake and exhaust sides of the engine.


  • Removes particle buildup from EGR and Induction System
  • Cleans the EGR cooler, reducing intake air temperature
  • Scrubs the DOC and DPF, reducing regeneration cycles
  • Increases turbo speed and boost, which increases efficiency and power
  • Smooths rough idle and improve performance
  • Cleans differential pressure sensor ports and grid heaters
  • Extends engine life
Wayne Truck and Trailer Emissions Diagram Diesel EGR & Induction System Cleaner
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Diesel Force Synthetic Oil System Cleaner

Clean the entire oil system with our oil system cleaner

The vapor action of this product used in conjunction with a quality API licensed Heavy Duty Motor Oil will ensure the engine is running at its highest efficiency. The cleaner decreases blow-by, removes oil contaminants, and keeps critical surfaces clean. 


  • Removes particle buildup in ring lands, reduces  cylinder wear
  • Greatly reduces crankcase loading
  • Eliminates cold start issues related to HEUI-style injectors 
  • Restores compression and reduces blow-by
  • Contains no damaging solvents
  • Vapor action cleans hard-to-reach  passageways
  • Restores cylinder balance

*Following the use of EGR and Induction System Cleaner, an oil change is required.

Wayne Truck and Trailer Emissions Diagram Synthetic Oil System Cleaner
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Diesel Force: Ultimate 11 Fuel Treatment

reduce carbon build up by at least 60% & control water

Ultimate 11’s cutting-edge formula contains components that are not found in other products. The proprietary surfactant reduces the fuel droplet size by a factor of eight, making the combustion process more efficient — maximizing power and reducing soot. Ultimate 11 utilizes hydrogen polar bonding to chemically bond with water, carrying the water through combustion. This means you don’t have to deal with water but rather eliminate it. 


  • Significantly reduces regenerations
  • Greatly improves combustion efficiency
  • Removes water and microbes
  • Boosts Cetane – 4 to 6 points
  • Contains a full winter package, ensuring reliability in severe weather
  • Prevents injector deposits from building up
  • Greatly reduces corrosion
  • Minimizes fuel oxidization
  • Dissolves gum and varnishes
  • Improves fuel lubricity
  • Stabilizes fuel and diminishes biodiesel degradation
Wayne Truck and Trailer Emissions 11Fuel Treatment
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Diesel Force Injector Cleaner

reduce particulate emissions

This unique maximum strength product is a one-tank cleanup for cleaning both external and internal diesel fuel injector deposits rapidly and safely, dissolving carbon, gums, varnishes, and other combustion by-product deposits from fuel injectors and the combustion chamber. The cleaner dissolves away Internal Diesel Injector Deposits that plug internal passages on today’s High-Pressure Common Rail fuel systems.


  • Removes carbon from injector tips
  • Dissolves metal contaminants through direct reaction
  • Eliminates biodiesel oxication accumulation (salt layers)
  • Restores jet penetration
  • Reinstates spray symmetry
  • Increases power and torque
Wayne Truck and Trailer Emissions Diesel Injector Cleaner
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What Our Customers Are Saying About Us

I had a roadside breakdown on I-70 due to a coolant fitting failure. They were easy to work with and the tech had made this same repair previously on other trucks. The fitting is one that connects the engine head to heater core. They had to stop by a Paccar dealership (in Dayton?) to get the part and then make the roadside repair. They gave me a price estimate before heading my way and the final bill was somewhat less since I didn’t need as much coolant as estimated. Easy to work with, I would recommend them and use them again myself – if needed. My only complaint was that they didn’t open until 8a. I would’ve given 5 stars if they could have rolled at 6a. The parts dept at Paccar opened at 7a so it wasn’t a huge impact on the schedule.

Marcus Hulen

I had a bad miss on my Volvo VN with a Volvo D13 engine in it. They had the software to diagnose the problem and were able to replace the bad injector. I was back on the road the same day. Last time I had this problem I took it to a Volvo dealer, and they took a week before e they would even look at it.

Truck Service

My family and I have been traveling for the past 3 weeks in the RV. We have had terrible luck up until this point with our RV. Needless to say, many tows and service repair work. This business has gone above and beyond. They were completely understand, sympathetic, and willing to help until they figured out what the problem was! We had our dogs, kids, cat, and extended family there with us all day. There were no problems with that. We felt comfortable and at ease here! I would highly recommend this shop to anyone. The quality, communication, and price was just what we needed! Thank you to all who helped!

Caitlyn Wilder

Needed tire repair on Semi, awesome folks, on the ball and ready to take care of your truck. Waited at loves over 2 hrs and gave up, found these guys just down the road. Thanks so much for getting us going so quickly.

Carole “Carla” Long

Great guys techs are very knowledgeable they got the job done went over beyond picked me up brought me gloves and a hat I was cold made me laugh when I was sad thank you guys especially Cody n Ken you guys rock and thanks Justin!


The Radiator to my Freightliner blew on the side of the road they towed my vehicle and fixed my radiator the same day. I was able to make my load for the next day. Everything was efficient and fast. Their customer service is awesome. They even have a loaner car for you! It made the wait that much easier as I drive with my daughter!

Tiffany Bridges

Fantastic guys! Had a check engine light. Ended up being a tcm issue. Thought It be a few days at least. 1 day turn around. Justin and Mark are excellent at what they Do. Kept me informed and explained the entire process from start to finish. Definitely go to these guys for anything diesel. They will take excellent care of you!

John Lilly

Wayne Truck & Trailer came to my rescue when it came to an unusual situation with a tire on my Truck. After sitting at a Loves in Dayton for 4 hours waiting for my turn to have this tire fixed, only to find out they didn’t have the size I needed. After looking around, Wayne Truck & Trailer came through!! Cody really took care of our situation, and the company was well pleased.

Thank You, Cody and Wayne Truck & Trailer, for everything. Please keep up the great work.

Patrick Howard

Our motorhome broke down in Greenville, OH and their techs spent a few hours fixing it. They were pleasant to deal with and got us back on the road as quickly as they could.

Harlie Wullner

“My company travels all over the US with trucks and enclosed trailers. We had two equalizer straps tear off of the bolt/leaf spring on one side. Google suggested Wayne Track and Trailer nearby. Great choice! Norm was excellent at the front desk and the guys in the shop were very helpful and knowledgeable. They were able to get us repaired and back on the road in a just a couple of hours. Highly recommended!”


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We Have Two Convenient Locations Servicing Southwest Ohio


Interstate 75, Exit 90 Between
Dayton & Lima


Interstate 70, Exit 24 Between
Richmond & Dayton

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Diesel Force Diesel Emissions Cleaning FAQs

What is Diesel Force Diesel Emission Cleaning?

Diesel Force Diesel Emission Cleaning is a specialized process that utilizes advanced technology to clean and restore the emission systems of diesel vehicles. It helps remove harmful deposits from components such as the diesel particulate filter (DPF), exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) valve, and catalytic converter, improving engine performance and reducing emissions.

Over time, diesel engines can accumulate carbon deposits and soot, negatively impacting engine performance, fuel efficiency, and emissions. Cleaning the diesel emission system helps maintain optimal engine function, reduces pollution, and ensures compliance with environmental regulations.

The frequency of diesel emission system cleaning can vary depending on vehicle usage, driving conditions, and maintenance practices. It is generally recommended to have the system inspected regularly and cleaned as needed, typically every 30,000 to 50,000 miles.

Yes, by removing carbon deposits and soot from the emission system components, Diesel Force Diesel Emission Cleaning can improve fuel combustion efficiency. This can result in improved fuel economy and lower operating costs.

Diesel Force Diesel Emission Cleaning is designed for a wide range of diesel vehicles, including trucks, buses, RVs, construction equipment, and agricultural machinery. It is compatible with both light-duty and heavy-duty diesel engines.

The duration of the cleaning process can vary depending on the condition of the emission system and the specific vehicle. On average, it takes approximately 2-4 hours to complete the cleaning procedure.

Yes, Diesel Force Diesel Emission Cleaning is an environmentally friendly process. Removing carbon deposits and soot helps reduce harmful emissions, contributing to cleaner air and a healthier environment.

In many cases, Diesel Force Diesel Emission Cleaning can restore the performance of emission system components and postpone the need for replacement. However, replacement may still be necessary if the component is severely damaged or beyond repair.