Diesel Force Synthetic Oil System Cleaner

Synthetic Oil System Cleaner

Clean the entire oil system with this oil system cleaner*

Features and Benefits

  • Removes particle build up in ring lands, reduces cylinder wear
  • Greatly reduces crankcase loading
  • Eliminates cold start issues related to HEUI style injectors
  • Restores compression and reduces blow-by
  • Contains no damaging solvents
  • Vapor action cleans hard to reach passageways
  • Restores cylinder balance

The vapor action of this product used in conjunction with a quality API licensed Heavy Duty Motor Oil will ensure the engine is running at its highest efficiency. The cleaner decreases blow-by, removes oil contaminants and keeps critical surfaces clean.

Synthetic Oil System Cleaner cleans the highlighted parts.

*Following the use of EGR and Induction System Cleaner, an oil change is required.

This product is used as part of our engine and emissions cleaning system.