Electrical Diagnostic


Electrical Diagnostic For Trucks

One of the most crucial aspects of fleet maintenance is correct electrical diagnostics when it comes to your trucks. If a technician diagnoses something in your vehicle incorrectly, it can lead to unnecessary replacements and frequent visits to a repair shop.


Using the correct tools and techniques for diagnosing electrical issues on trucks can help you assess what you need to fix to get your fleet back on the road. 


While it can be difficult to diagnose the issue on your own, Wayne Truck and Trailer offer thorough vehicle assessments. We’re here to provide the best possible service so you can get back on the road without major concerns. 

Common Causes and Symptoms 

There are several issues that could cause a malfunction in your truck, making the power to your vehicle shut off. Whether you have an idea of what the cause is, or you need further help to figure out what’s wrong, we’ve got you covered. 


The most common issues are caused by a faulty or dead battery, an issue with your cable or sensors, or problems with your alternator. In addition, if your trucks have been idle for a long period of time or have been encountering problems on a consistent basis, you might have trouble starting them up.  Our technicians run a full electrical diagnostic in order to determine the main issue and prevent you from unnecessary spending and replacements.  

Battery Check 

One of the first things our technician’s test is the battery on the vehicle. By far, the main cause of vehicle malfunctions is a dead or faulty battery. Failing battery symptoms can be inconsistent starting, lagging engine cranking, and interior lighting outages. This can occur when your vehicle is not in use for an extended period of time, your battery needs to be replaced,  or there is another underlying issue with the engine. 


Jumpstarting your truck can be useful in various circumstances, but there could be more urgent malfunctions within the battery that need to be addressed.

Cable and Sensor Check 

Another cause for malfunction is a loose cable or a dead sensor. Often times loose cables need a simple tightening in order to function correctly, while sensors that have gone out need to be replaced entirely. 


While this issue seems simple to repair, it can be dangerous to go without fixing it. Our team ensures your cables are connected and the sensors are properly working to avoid major issues later on. Connection to the battery is also taken into consideration, during this process.  

Alternator Check 

If you have a faulty alternator, the battery will fail to charge–which can cause your truck not to start. For fleet trucks, an alternator needs to have the capacity to charge the battery without interruption. Often times the reason the battery dies is that the truck’s alternator is not powerful enough to charge it. 


We check the alternator’s power capacity of your fleet trucks to ensure this doesn’t happen while on the road. 

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We know the importance of fleet maintenance and safety, which is why we take the time to ensure your trucks are prepared for the road through various conditions. Electrical Diagnostics for trucks are crucial for the upkeep of your vehicles and could cause severe issues if not cared for properly. 


Wayne Truck and Trailer offer a complete service to determine the cause of your vehicle’s malfunctions and get you back on the road. Schedule a service for your fleet and we’ll ensure your vehicle is back up and running!



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