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Truck Wheel Alignment Service in Ohio

Keeping your truck’s tires properly aligned is not only important to your safety as a driver, but it’s also critical to the condition and life of your tires. 

This is why truck wheel alignment is such an important service. Proper alignment can go a long way in keeping your truck’s tires from developing regular and uneven wear, which leads to premature tire repair and/or replacement. 

Consider Wayne Truck & Trailer for your truck wheel alignment needs. Since 2008, fleets and owner operators have come to rely on our Laseri wheel alignment equipment for longer tire life and better fuel economy from their trucks.

Problems that Lead to Bad Wheel Alignment in Trucks

1. Sudden Disturbance or Impact

In some cases, a tire alignment issue occurs after your truck has experienced a heavy impact or sudden jarring. This might include making contact with a curb or driving over a deep pothole. And even the slightest bump from backing up into a pole can affect your truck’s alignment. 

Not having your alignment checked after a sudden disturbance can have negative long-term effects on your vehicle. 

2. Worn Suspension Components

Poor shocks, struts, and other suspension components that become worn or loose can also affect wheel alignment. This can result in excessive tire wear and possible handling issues. 

3. Lack of Tire Maintenance

Did you know that alignment begins with tire care? For example, regularly checking your truck’s tire pressure often and adjusting them to the correct pressure (PSI) keeps your truck properly aligned. Not doing so can cause trouble with your alignment or cause your truck to pull to one side. 

4. Routine Wear and Tear

If you’ve got an older truck or vehicle with high mileage, your misalignment might be due to regular wear and tear. 

For example, worn wheel bearings can cause misalignment issues. As a result, your tires may tilt and no longer sit at the correct angle.

5. An Overdue Re-Alignment

Your truck might need to be aligned simply because it’s time. Having your truck’s wheels aligned regularly is key to maintaining your vehicle’s optimal safety and preventing unnecessary damage to your brakes, tires, and other parts. 

Wayne Truck & Trailer’s commercial truck wheel alignment services are just what you need to keep your semi truck running as smoothly as possible. 

Wayne Truck & Trailer’s Typical Repair Process

At Wayne Truck & Trailer, we use the Laseri system, which makes wheel alignment easy, fast, and precise.

When you come to Wayne Truck & Trailer for semi truck wheel alignment services, we’ll start out by inspecting your truck’s suspension and steering systems. Then, we’ll place your semi on an alignment rack where we mount laser sensors and measure the current alignment settings. 

After that, we’ll be able to get the initial alignment readings on your truck. And finally, we’ll adjust the camber, caster, and toe angles according to manufacturer specifications. 

Does your commercial truck need an alignment? Let us help you keep your operational costs down and save money with a superior alignment and services. Call us today at (937) 639-1510.