Truck Drivers on average spend over $600 per year on coffee or $.004 per mile

With 3.6 million Truck Drivers in the US that gives an impressive $2,160,000,000 spent on coffee to keep trucks moving!

The Coffee numbers are fun but you want to know what your cost should be to run a truck?

Lets start with industry statistics

Cost Per MilePercent of cost
Truck Payments$.2414.6%
Permits and License $.021.3%
Drivers Wages$.5532.7%
Driver Benefits$.179.9%

Truck Payment and Repairs is 24% of cost

I recommend that you combine your truck payment and repairs expense allocation. If you have purchased a used truck or you have your truck paid off your truck payment and repair percentages will be different from industry standard. You should allocate 24% for truck payments and repairs, what you don’t use for your truck payments should be placed into an account that you can access to cover repairs.

Preventive maintenance will save you money

It may seem like you are throwing money away when you pay for a good inspection of your truck, however a good inspection is much cheaper than an emergency repair and/or breakdown on the road. To add a full inspection to your regular PM Service is an extra $148 compared to the average cost of $750 for an emergency repair, tow or roadside repair.