Is Kenworth Better Than Peterbilt- Ultimate Guide

There are numerous big rigs in the market today, and it can be pretty hectic to decide which one to buy. Your personal preference and budget as owner-operators will determine the truck you get at the end of the day.

The most popular trucks in the United States are the Peterbilt and Kenworth models. PACCAR manufactures both brands, so they almost share similar components. Their exceptional performance and reliability make them among the most sought trucks in the US.

Sometimes, though, you might want to know the features of both models so that you can choose one that meets your plans. So, which is better, Kenworth or Peterbilt? Below is a detailed comparison of these two models.

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Kenworth vs. Peterbilt

The Interior

Kenworth vs Peterbilt Interior

Being a truck driver, you’ll be spending most of your time on the road. That’s why it’s important to make comfort your utmost priority. 

Both Kenworth and Peterbilt share almost the same comfort features in the cabin because they both have leathered cabin walls and doors.

However, Kenworth trucks usually have narrower cabins compared to Peterbilt trucks. Nevertheless, Kenworth W900 hosts a small table beside the bed. You can either use the table as a makeshift desk or a TV stand.

Also, Kenworth trucks are ergonomically designed and ideal for drivers who need comfort and productivity. It’s worth noting that their narrow cabin can be pretty uncomfortable, making Peterbilt a better option for taller drivers.

Although Peterbilt trucks have neat customizable interiors, Kenworth interior has better sightlines, making it easier for drivers to maneuver in town.

The Truck Exterior

symptoms that your need your turbo repaired. Kenworth vs Peterbilt exterior

Both models are reasonably aerodynamic, but Peterbilt has a classical angular cab design, and this design is ideal for truck enthusiasts moving for shorter distances.

On the other hand, Kenworth trucks have better aerodynamics, although many curves make them less classical. The good news is that both models are now offering EV models that are known to utilize the Tandem Electric Powertrain.

Kenworth has a shorter protruding hood compared to Peterbilt Semis. Also, Kenworth trucks have a raised-roof sleeper that makes them have a bumpy appearance. 

If you’re the kind that likes driving in a comfortable truck, Kenworth trucks are the best options because they’re spacious and comfortable. That way, you’ll be more productive driving these trucks.

The Drivetrain

Kenworth vs Peterbilt Paccar-MX13

Kenworth and Peterbilt have many things in common. For example, both models have a similar axle, transmission, and MX engines.

MX series of engines are among the best efficient fuel engines available today. The PACCAR automatic transmission and MX series engines make these trucks durable, efficient, and drivable.

The MX series engines were officially launched in 2010, and they continue to be among the best efficient diesel engines in the world.

The latest MX-13 model can host over 1800 pound-foots and 500 horsepower. PACCAR proudly uses the MX-13 engine on all its truck models.

The fuel efficient engine has unique features such as reduced noise, multi-use fuel injection, and peak torque which can be used at low RPM. The engine is also designed to last over one million miles, thus making these trucks a better option for long-distance truckers.

Both brands have the best-insulated wires and airlines, and better insulation allows you to have the best ride regardless of the terrain you’re in. That means you can get either of the models is because they all have built-in quality and performance.  

People owing long-haul trucking businesses prefer buying Kenworth trucks because they consume less fuel than their counterparts.

Overall Cost

Kenworth trucks are more affordable than Peterbilt trucks when it comes to the cost. Kenworth’s brand focuses on the quality of its trucks, while Peterbilt’s brand focuses on the driver’s comfort. This, as a result, affects the resale value of their trucks.

For example, Peterbilt trucks usually have higher resale value compared to Kenworth. Nevertheless, you can buy second-hand Kenworth trucks at a lower price.

Durability without the Cost

Both Kenworth and Peterbilt models have a good reputation for their reliability. Furthermore, you get PACCAR’s legendary support and quality rig with Kenworth trucks without paying the extra money.

Is Kenworth better than Peterbilt?

Is Kenworth Better than Peterbilt?

You can easily find both Peterbilt and Kenworth trucks in the US because they’re manufactured there. Recently, Kenworth expanded its operation to Australia, whereas Peterbilt expanded to Canada.

Both brands have excellent customer support and have placed their dealership network in many areas to help repair the trucks and get them moving again as soon as possible.

When it comes to cost, the red oval emblem’s presence makes Peterbilt have a higher resale value than Kenworth. Nonetheless, you can find brand new Kenworth trucks at a lower price than Peterbilt.

Although Kenworth trucks have a less classical design, more curves make them have better aerodynamics, unlike the Peterbilt brand’s classical counterpart.

Checking on the brand’s main focus, you will realize that Kenworth focuses on the quality of their vehicles, whereas Peterbilt focuses on the driver’s comfort.

Although Peterbilt trucks are customizable, Kenworth trucks are super-efficient because they cater to the driver’s basic amenities. Long-distance drivers prefer Kenworth trucks because they’re highly aerodynamic and comfortable.

Both models have PACCAR power trains that make them consume less fuel. Also, both manufacturers have installed smart diagnostics that help the drivers quickly locate where the problem is.

The Bottom Line

When choosing semi-trucks, it’s hard for other brands to beat Kenworth. Kenworth trucks are made of high-quality components that enhance the driver’s productivity.

Although they have a narrow cabin, Kenworth trucks have better sightlines, making it easier for drivers to maneuver in town.

Kenworth trucks are cheaper because their operating and upfront costs are lower than their counterparts. Be sure you’ll get legendary support with Kenworth trucks without additional charges.

Kenworth brand offers TruckTech+ service that displays the service information on your truck’s dashboard. That way, you save time approving and arranging for repairs.

From the comparison above, you can see both brands are unique in their ways. It’s upon you to decide on which brand meets your needs. Whichever brand you choose to buy, be sure that PACCAR manufactures reliable trucks that offer value for your money.

Inland is your reliable dealer in both trucks, and we pride ourselves on plenty of knowledge and understanding of these brands. If you wish to explore the big machines, Contact us now. 

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