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semi-trailer liftgate repair

Reliable and Speedy Liftgate Repair Services for Your Commercial Trailers

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Trailer Repair servicing Brookville, Sidney, Troy, Piqua, Tipp City, Covington, Jackson Center, St. Paris, Arcanum, Versailles, Fort Loramie, Minster, Russia, New Bremen, Urbana, St. Marys, Wapakoneta, Lima, Bellefontaine
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Semi-Trailer Liftgate Repair Services

At Wayne Truck & Trailer, we understand the importance of keeping your commercial vehicles running smoothly.

That’s why we offer reliable and speedy semi-trailer liftgate repair services to get you back on the road in no time.

Our team of experienced technicians is dedicated to providing top-notch repair services for all types of semi-trailer liftgates.

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Semi Trailer Repair
Trailer Axle Repair
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Skilled Technicians You Can Trust

Our team of technicians at Wayne Truck & Trailer has years of experience in repairing semi-trailer liftgates.

We understand the complexities of these systems and have the knowledge and skills to diagnose and fix any issues quickly and efficiently.

You can trust us to get your liftgate back in working order so you can get back to business.

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Trailer Lift Gate Repair
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Quality Parts and Service

We believe in using only the best quality parts for our repairs to ensure long-lasting results.

Our team is trained to handle all types of liftgate repairs, from hydraulic systems to electrical components.

We also offer regular maintenance services to keep your liftgate functioning at its best.

With Wayne Truck & Trailer, you can always expect top-notch service and quality repairs.

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What Our Customers Are Saying About Us

I had a roadside breakdown on I-70 due to a coolant fitting failure. They were easy to work with and the tech had made this same repair previously on other trucks. The fitting is one that connects the engine head to heater core. They had to stop by a Paccar dealership (in Dayton?) to get the part and then make the roadside repair. They gave me a price estimate before heading my way and the final bill was somewhat less since I didn’t need as much coolant as estimated. Easy to work with, I would recommend them and use them again myself – if needed. My only complaint was that they didn’t open until 8a. I would’ve given 5 stars if they could have rolled at 6a. The parts dept at Paccar opened at 7a so it wasn’t a huge impact on the schedule.

Marcus Hulen

I had a bad miss on my Volvo VN with a Volvo D13 engine in it. They had the software to diagnose the problem and were able to replace the bad injector. I was back on the road the same day. Last time I had this problem I took it to a Volvo dealer, and they took a week before e they would even look at it.

Truck Service

My family and I have been traveling for the past 3 weeks in the RV. We have had terrible luck up until this point with our RV. Needless to say, many tows and service repair work. This business has gone above and beyond. They were completely understand, sympathetic, and willing to help until they figured out what the problem was! We had our dogs, kids, cat, and extended family there with us all day. There were no problems with that. We felt comfortable and at ease here! I would highly recommend this shop to anyone. The quality, communication, and price was just what we needed! Thank you to all who helped!

Caitlyn Wilder

Needed tire repair on Semi, awesome folks, on the ball and ready to take care of your truck. Waited at loves over 2 hrs and gave up, found these guys just down the road. Thanks so much for getting us going so quickly.

Carole “Carla” Long

Great guys techs are very knowledgeable they got the job done went over beyond picked me up brought me gloves and a hat I was cold made me laugh when I was sad thank you guys especially Cody n Ken you guys rock and thanks Justin!


The Radiator to my Freightliner blew on the side of the road they towed my vehicle and fixed my radiator the same day. I was able to make my load for the next day. Everything was efficient and fast. Their customer service is awesome. They even have a loaner car for you! It made the wait that much easier as I drive with my daughter!

Tiffany Bridges

Fantastic guys! Had a check engine light. Ended up being a tcm issue. Thought It be a few days at least. 1 day turn around. Justin and Mark are excellent at what they Do. Kept me informed and explained the entire process from start to finish. Definitely go to these guys for anything diesel. They will take excellent care of you!

John Lilly

Wayne Truck & Trailer came to my rescue when it came to an unusual situation with a tire on my Truck. After sitting at a Loves in Dayton for 4 hours waiting for my turn to have this tire fixed, only to find out they didn’t have the size I needed. After looking around, Wayne Truck & Trailer came through!! Cody really took care of our situation, and the company was well pleased.

Thank You, Cody and Wayne Truck & Trailer, for everything. Please keep up the great work.

Patrick Howard

Our motorhome broke down in Greenville, OH and their techs spent a few hours fixing it. They were pleasant to deal with and got us back on the road as quickly as they could.

Harlie Wullner

“My company travels all over the US with trucks and enclosed trailers. We had two equalizer straps tear off of the bolt/leaf spring on one side. Google suggested Wayne Track and Trailer nearby. Great choice! Norm was excellent at the front desk and the guys in the shop were very helpful and knowledgeable. They were able to get us repaired and back on the road in a just a couple of hours. Highly recommended!”


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We Have Two Convenient Locations Servicing West Central Ohio


Interstate 75, Exit 90 Between
Dayton & Lima


Interstate 70, Exit 24 Between
Richmond & Dayton

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Semi Trailer Liftgate Repair FAQs

What is involved in semi-trailer liftgate repair?

Semi-trailer liftgate repair involves addressing issues with the hydraulic or mechanical components of the liftgate system.

This can include repairing or replacing hydraulic cylinders, liftgate motors, control valves, switches, wiring, and other related components.

Common issues that may require liftgate repair include malfunctioning or slow operation, leaks in the hydraulic system, electrical problems, damaged or worn-out components, and structural issues with the liftgate platform.

Liftgate repairs can be complex and require specialized knowledge and tools.

You should seek professional help from the qualified liftgate repair specialists at Wayne Truck & Trailer, who have experience working with commercial vehicle liftgate systems.

Signs that your semi-trailer liftgate may need repair include difficulty lifting or lowering the platform, slow or jerky operation, unusual noises or vibrations during operation, hydraulic fluid leaks, electrical malfunctions, or visible damage to the liftgate components.

Regular inspections and maintenance of the liftgate are essential to ensure its proper functioning and prevent unexpected breakdowns.

It is recommended to inspect the liftgate before each trip and perform scheduled maintenance as recommended by the manufacturer.

The time required for liftgate repair can vary depending on the specific issue and the extent of the repair needed.

Minor repairs, such as replacing a switch or a hose, may only take a few hours.

In contrast, more extensive repairs or component replacements can take longer.

Yes, regular preventive maintenance can help extend the lifespan of your liftgate.

This includes lubricating moving parts, checking hydraulic fluid levels and replacing them when necessary, inspecting and tightening connections, and addressing any issues promptly before they develop into major problems.